Mommy Bloggers Gone Wild

I see this trend in the adoptive mommy blogger world and it makes me feel a little uneasy so I want to clarify what my blog is about. What I see is some mommy bloggers who start to get a following so they share more and more of their lives and their children’s’ stories that are private and not for their parents to be telling. They share more photos… things the kids might find embarrassing when they are older. They enjoy the attention and start focusing on their social media image more than their real life family. It’s as if they forget that their kids came from trauma so making their faces and story so public could cause them more trauma but the free stuff and attention they get from their posts seem to be more important. I get it, it’s hard to see clearly when your head gets big, but I hope I can always remember why I wanted to foster and adopt and keep that my focus. I would never want my own selfish interests to cause my children more harm… I mean they have been through more in their short lives than I have in my 30 some years. I don’t get it… I don’t get why any mom would want to risk it so I want you all to keep me accountable.

At this point I might get 40 views on my blog and I’m totally ok with that. I started this blog to share my journey through foster care in the hopes that other foster moms could relate and I could connect with more in the foster/ adoption community. There is a reason I don’t put my name anywhere, or my kids faces. There is a reason my instagram and Facebook are private. This is not about using my kids and their stories to build up my blog. This is not to give parenting lessons or tell anyone else how to go about their journey. This blog is simply to share what I have experienced and by writing it down, it helps me to let go of some of the pain and heart break. So, if you ever see that I am sharing too much of my girls’ stories or maybe you think I’m going off track from my original goals of this blog, PLEASE, tell me. Please, keep me accountable. The last thing I would want to do is cause my girls more pain, whether it would be now or when they are older… because once it’s on the internet, it doesn’t go away.




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