Right Now

As I rocked Sunshine to sleep tonight, instead of putting her in her crib when I knew she was out, I sat down and held her. I looked at her eyes, watched her breathe and just took in the moment. It was a moment I will always have with her, and sadly a moment her mom won’t have. I wanted to foster because I loved the idea of being able to give a child a safe, loving home while their parents’ heal. Part of that is truly loving the child like they are your own. I don’t know how long Sunshine will be with me and trying to guess how it’s going to end is not fun. I’ve learned that I have to live for the “right now”. I’ve seen quotes (and even posted a few) about not living in the past, not living in the future but living for the moments right now. I’ve always thought that sounded great but it applies more to my life now then ever before. I realize that even though she will be taken from me one day, every single moment we have had can not be taken away. Every video, picture and memory will be with me forever. I’m more thankful now than ever before that I know how to use a camera. 🙂

I guess the life lesson I’ve learned is to really live for the “right now”. Right now she is here with me. Right now I get to see her laugh, smile and make her funny sounds. Right now I get to take her on all kinds of adventures. Right now I get to see so many of her firsts. Right now I get to dress her in the cutest clothes and take her shopping. Right now I get hugs, kisses and the amazing feeling that I can comfort her and she feels safe with me. I’m living for the “right now”, right now!


One of the many firsts I got to experience with her…



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