One Year Ago…

One year ago today, according to my Facebook page, I was blogging about a recent trip to China. I had a twin newborn shoot the day before and a wedding to shoot the following day, so I’m sure I was busy working. Little did I know that a baby was being born that I would have in my home 10 months later. I wonder in those moments what it was like? Was there joy? fear? What did she look like? What was her life like in the first months of her life? These are things I might never know.

When she was first placed with me I felt like a detective… I didn’t know much about her and her likes and dislikes. Does she like peas, apples, bananas? Will she let me feed her? What makes her laugh? Did she watch any TV shows? Did her mom sing her bedtime songs and if so, which ones? Has she been around dogs? Has she been to the beach? Has anybody read a book to her? What was her favorite toy? Luckily in the last few months I’ve gotten the answers to most of my questions one way or another. 

This little one has flipped my life upside down but in the best way possible. I wish I could share more about her story but all I can say is that I’m hopeful there will be a happy ending for everybody. Sunshine is surrounded by love and it’s coming from all directions! I’m so happy I get to celebrate her first birthday with her. It may be a weird thing to say but I’m so thankful for her mom. She brought a beautiful, smart little girl into this world. I’m lucky that I get to know her and love her during this time in her life. I hope and pray I will get to see her at her future birthday parties… hopefully thrown by her mom! 

Happy Birthday, Sunshine! 





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